Feel Good Pottery


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Because the things you use everyday should feel good.

Feel Good Pottery is a small-batch handmade pottery business in Jacksonville Beach, FL. With a unique style and colorful touch, Feel Good Pottery needed branding that brought the earthy, organic, and colorful together.


In the handmade ceramic industry, a lot of the logos and branding seem to fit in. The typical neutral color palette, the logo of a vase with two handles, and a basic sans-serif typeface. With Feel Good Pottery, we needed to ensure that the brand stood out, felt as creative as the products, and offered a new approach to branding for a handcrafted business.

Since the pottery is sold online and in-person, it was a high priority to have seamless branding and collateral from social media profiles/feeds, to the website, and then the packaging that the pottery is wrapped in whether being shipped or purchased in person.

We needed to create something BOLD and ARTISTIC in order to show the creativity that Feel Good Pottery exuded. We needed to create a brand and website to help drive traffic and increase sales, whether at a Market or online.


A slab-serif type font that is wide and a little wonky, gives a an organic and friendly feel. This makes the brand immediately feel approachable and interesting. The hand-drawn elements connect the branding to the actual products themselves. Their textured characteristic plays into the hand-made products, and adds an earthy/gritty feel that plays well with the primal and natural elements found in the clay itself.

To streamline buying online and in-person, Shopify was the best option for building the site. By using one of Shopify’s templates, we were able to adjust and perfect it to suite the branding and needs of Feel Good Pottery.

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