Little Rhino Design Co. is a full service branding studio helping ambitous business owners to show up, stand out, & start building the business of their dreams.

We partner with business owners that value connection as much as they do results.

Letter from the founder

Whyyy hello there! I’m Andie.

I am the Founder and Lead Designer of Little Rhino Design Co. I am a born & raised Floridian (shoutout to my lizard people) and currently residing and thriving in Jacksonville Beach, FL with my lovely partner, Charles, and our chunky cat, Khaleesi, and our beagle mix, Scout. 

My story—

I come from a family full of entrepreneurs, and have been fourtunate enough to have had the opportunity to learn the behind the scenes of running a business all of my life. From sweeping hair at my mom’s salon, to organizing files and supplies at our families real estate & mortgage biz with my aunt, I have witnessed the hard times and the thriving times of owning a business, and it made me start to dream of owning my own one day too.

Fast forward a few years, I went to school, read some books, made some logos, worked an in-house design job… I did all the things. But when it came time for me to find a new job, I just thought about that dream I had been dreaming of…

So, naturally, I quit my job and dove head first into entrepreneurship. Now I get to work with amazing clients, and actually change people’s lives with problem solving design that fosters connection and creates captivating experiences.

As dandy as that sounds, my design studio didn’t just fall into my lap. It took loads of hard work, sleepless nights, and constant research in order to step into the role of being a business owner and all that comes with it. But man, I am so glad I took that leap of faith & believed in myself.

When I’m not working,

you can find me booking a trip to the mountains, reading a book, drinking a margarita in the sunshine, watching terrible reality tv, or making pottery at my kitchen table. 

Behind the name

Where did the name
Little Rhino come from?

You ever think about what animal you see yourself as? Well, simply put, I see myself as a little rhino. 

Why you ask?

They’re curious, quirky, strong-willed, and pretty chill until you give them a reason not be! 

When naming my studio, I wanted it to be a reflection of who I am as a person, designer, and friend. I wanted the people who work with me to feel like I am more than just a designer, but a supportive partner, helping you to smash your goals and grow a profitable business through strategic brand + web design.

Plus, little baby rhinos are SO cute. Don’t believe me?  »»  check this video out


Recent Work

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