Garage Works


Orlando, Florida

Garage Works is a garage door service business that focuses on happy customers and technicians.

Garage Works’ mission is to change the way the garage door industry can be when it comes to untrustworthy technicians selling homeowners things they don’t need, or simply overcharging for materials that just aren’t that much. They also wanted to prioritize the employee experience by empowering each technician to take ownership of their region of work, and to make sure the homeowner always feels heard, helped, and satisfied.


The market for garage door services is fairly saturated, but there is plenty of room for companies that do things the right way. Since homeowners are weary of technicians that can be shady, it was a huge priority to refresh the way people think and feel when it comes to the stress of a broken garage door. We wanted to homeowners to see Garage Works and feel taken care of.

As mentioned, employee engagement was also a very important thing to Garage Works. Technicians travel over many states, so to keep them from driving 8+ hours a day, Garage Works goal is to have technicians stay in their respective regions, and to take ownership of it. We wanted to language of the brand, as well as the identity to be one that they would be proud to wear. That the uniform didn’t feel like, “ugh, going to work..” but instead, “damn, this work shirt is nice!”

We need to create something that was DYNAMIC and STANDS-OUT in order to STAY IN THE MINDS of homeowners that Garage Works is the COMPANY TO CALL when your door needs servicing.


With the goals of communicating trust and empowering technicians, the branding came to life with a unique GW monogram to symbolize Garage Works. The monogram resembles an eagle, with it’s head perched to the left.

This conceptually ties in with the freedom & pride that the technicians feel when they show up for work, and the liberty and comfort the homeowners feel when they have someone they trust to fix a large access point to their home.

Like what you see?

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