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A Jacksonville photographer with more than just great photos.

Maddie Adrian Photo is a photographer specializing people in their natural moment. With a portfolio of perfect photos, and lots of selling points aside from her physical work, Maddie needed a brand and website design that did it all.


When Maddie first reached out, she was drowning in Instagram DMs for inquiries, was severely undercharging for her work, and lacked confidence as a new business owner. All are common problems, but one’s that could be solved with a fresh approach to her brand and website.
Maddie needed a brand that reflected her.

She is the main component of the brand as the primary service provider, and she prides herself in great client relations, communication, creative direction, and more. The website needed to conquer her inquiry system, and aid her in selling more than just her work, but all the other qualities she provides for her clients.

We needed to create something EARTHY and ARTISTIC in order to show the mood of Maddie as a photographer and service provider. We needed to create a brand and website to help Maddie feel like a LEGIT BUSINESS OWNER, and help ESTABLISH SYSTEMS to save her time with repeat tasks.


A sunburst with the initials MA in the middle is the primary mark of Maddie Adrian photo. It suites the beachy-boho vibe and aesthetic of Maddie herself, and her work. The logotype is completely customized to give it a softer and more artistic touch, and matches the style of the logo mark so everything is cohesive and unified. The use of handmade watercolor shapes embraces that creativity that she provides to her clients when planning the shoots, locations, outfits, poses and more.

The website was a beast to tackle due to the need of showing off as much range of work as possible, without causing slower load times or making the website visually cluttered. The layout was inspired by a bulletin board, with layered images, and placing them on either edge of the screen.

By connecting the inquiry system straight to her CRM, Maddie no longer takes inquires from her DMs, allowing her to stay organized and professional when it comes to client communications.

Her portfolio page is connected to the same software that she shares the images with her clients, making updating even easier and saving more time.

Overall, Maddie’s brand and website has boosted her confidence, made her feel more professional, and is a reflection of who she is and the work she does. She now understands her target clientele, and what her goals are for this rapidly growing business.

“Before working with Andie I felt that like my photography business wasn’t “legit”. Partly because I didn’t have any branding materials or website and felt as if I was only running an Instagram page. I feared hiring a stranger to do such personal work for me would be weird, forced, or impersonal. But my experience with Little Rhino was the quite the opposite. Andie was extremely personable and I felt connected to her right away. When I looked through her own personal branding materials and website (plus her other client work), I loved how it felt custom. Not like your typical small biz, square space template. Not to mention her insane skills with design and the way her copy/words resonated with me. It seemed like a no brainer to hire Little Rhino Design Co.

Andie really excels with communication, organization, and planning. She set very clear expectations but still kept everything very relaxed and enjoyable. From video tutorials, voice memo’s, or even meeting in person, Andie answered all of my questions and was there every step of the way. I really felt like I was working with a mentor/biz coach/graphic designer/and friend all at once.

I feel really great about my website and branding materials, and in turn, I’m starting to feel great about my business. It’s all inter-connected. As they say “when you look good, you feel good” and I really needed this boost of confidence and guidance to get me to this next level. Which is exactly what Little Rhino has done for me. I cannot thank Andie enough for helping take Maddie Adrian Photo to the next level.”

Maddie Adrian
Maddie Adrian Photo

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